5 Myths About Affiliate Marketing You Need To Know

Number One: Mobile Is Dead!

After a big drop for the market in 2017, many publishers considered “mobile” to be dead. While it’s true that revenues went down rather hard, small screens are still the future! Why? The answer is simple – because of the device itself. App installs (for example iDates) from CPI / CPL leads for different products and CPA for sales are, based on the TrafficPartner Performance Network experience, still a stable income generator.
This market continues to offer! You can eventually confirm that when visiting expos for example. Come to think of it, why not check for yourself and meet us at TES Affiliate Conference in Prague from 14-17 September 2018 at lounge H3. It’s just the place to gain even more insights and we’d be happy to talk in person.
To wrap this myth up? Simply believe in the market and stay on top of the latest mobile trends. Remember, “Fast click products” may have been a moneymaker in the past, but you will have to widen your perspective here.

Number Two: Affiliate Marketing Is Easy!

There are plenty of people, which are not based in the affiliate marketing business or new to the game, thinking that there’s easy money to be had. We sure don’t destroy illusions, but skills, capital, experience and a professional network, with dedication and discipline first and foremost, are fundamental for success. Otherwise, chances of failure are too high. Being a publisher, doing SEM and SEO, is more difficult than ever, especially when considering new rules by big players such as Google and Facebook. You will need to find your niche as an advertiser, having the right product at the right time with the right technology and payment system. This is a learning that is underlined by our long-standing experience and the feedback of our business partners, as is offering all these solutions in one place, making it clear that you can still be successful in affiliate marketing – it’s just not a piece of cake and even less so, if you don’t have right tools and knowledge.

Number Three: Affiliate Marketing Doesn’t Work Anymore!

I hear this mostly from people which have been in affiliate marketing for a long time. Naturally, early on everything was way easier. There had been less competitors, higher payouts and customers were keen to spend more money on certain products. Popularity for this rising market became higher and more rivals entered it. For example, when I started with “mobile” there were only 3 other competing companies. Now? There are hundreds of providers that don’t have the depth or technology like TrafficPartner’s Performance Network. Of course, the market will cleanse itself at one point and only companies with good products or strong strategies will remain. Sure to have a bigger market share as well.
People continue to spend more money online every year altogether. This produces more earnings resulting from affiliate marketing. Startups with great products for example may not have the most efficient marketing practices and will need to involve affiliates to get their product to sell!

Number Four: Get into as many verticals as possible!

Webmasters and publishers, which experienced drops in their niche markets, tend to start anew in other verticals. It also seems common to say that you’re supposed to cover as much verticals as possible to earn best profits. I can’t find this to be true. There’s no way to be efficient in “all” verticals at the same time. Even if you try to cover all areas, you’ll most likely only be able to deliver an average performance, leaving you with a small ROI or even losing money. My expertise lies within the adult industry. That’s why I’m focused on different adult spaces only. Like dating, mobile, games, open real-time bidding, payment processing and more. At, I found the best place and network for it all and the desired focus on adult (even with further options like dating and casual dating). If I was to aim for other verticals, for example mainstream games, financial or nutra, it would cost a lot of effort – while the background and network would still be remaining factors. In the end I wouldn’t be able to compete or rather under very difficult circumstances only.
With a dedicated focus I became one of the best in the adult industry, so my ROI is positive and affiliates trust me accordingly.

Number Five: Consumers do not like you!

When telling my friends about my work in affiliate marketing I often hear, “Are you the one always disturbing my browsing with pops and layers?! I don’t like it.” To some degree I get their point of view, when some guys simply overdo it with aggressive and endless looping pops or other ways to force a purchase on a user. However, Google and Facebook’s rules are becoming more strict and a real publisher has to ensure that website visitors have a good experience. Personally? I like Facebook advertisements that match my profile and eventually show products I wouldn’t have found on the web otherwise. Native or video ads are also showing that the industry is going for new directions.
Looking at the high numbers TrafficPartner affiliates experience, I can only report that end consumers seem to be pretty happy with how things are progressing.
The rule is – show customers what they’ll most likely desire and they’re sure to forget about unfiltered mass pops or forceful methods. If doing so, consumers will end up liking you.

You can meet Andy Wulmer at the TES Affiliate Conference from 14-17 September 2018 in Prague.

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