AVSecure is more than just age verification

Stephen Winyard
Chief Marketing Officer AVSecure

7 years ago, we became aware that age verification was likely to be imposed on the adult industry in some jurisdictions. Through prior interactions with the industry, we knew that this wasn’t going to be easy, as the dynamics involved are complex and challenging.

The reason AVSecure is winning hearts and minds is attributable to simple elements from experience derived from learning and listening and understanding what matters.

Simply age verifying someone in this sector isn’t enough. It is, for most of the population, a highly personal activity that is also a carefully guarded secret. With numerous data breaches hitting headlines daily, the reality of asking anyone to enter personal details to prove their age, which often links to their identity, is a no go.

People place great value on privacy and security, particularly when accessing adult content of all types and genres. Secure age verification is a very difficult problem to solve.

AVSecure has a remedy for this. We were instrumental in the creation of the Age Verification Card, which will be available to buy from up to 60,000 retail shops in the UK including major supermarkets. It can be obtained by anyone who is 18, to use the unique 16-digit number as their proof of age without this ever linking to their identity. This has been discussed on national TV, international press and its concept is currently approved and supported by privacy campaigners, the UK regulator, consumers and government alike.

Another challenge was creating the ideal technology platform to support the product. We looked at multiple solutions and concluded that the versatility and security, that would come from using our own private blockchain, best satisfied the needs of the consumer. We believe that post-launch our solution will have some of the highest global traffic of any such private chain. The versatility of its construction and associated “plumbing” will allow us to develop several other commercial opportunities pertinent to this industry sector.

We are aware that the public require systems that prevent them from being tracked, or their surfing habits being recorded. The “smart” technology in our blockchain ensures that each visit made by our users to a website using AVSecure, cannot be associated with an individual. Equally the site will not be able to tell if a person has visited them before. Even we don’t know who visits which sites. It’s just simply not possible for us to get that information and so the consumers’ needs are satisfied.

For consumer sign-up, we refused to even consider collecting or using email addresses. With so many ways to reverse engineer emails, like, which enable identification of the underlying person, we could not justify the use of such sensitive data.

Our technology embeds an encrypted and hidden age verification credential on the browser of each person’s device. This means that it is locally controlled, rather than residing on someone else’s centralized database which could lead to another Ashley Madison style hacking event.

We always expect that solutions like AVSecure will be targeted by hackers. Rather than build a wall to protect the data inside we constructed our solution to collect no personal data and so render hacking pointless. All the Blockchain carries is a series of random numbers, even when unencrypted, which are impossible to link to an individual.

For merchants in the industry, we believe that “who we are” is of importance. There is an element of trust required to allow all of your business traffic to pass through an external verification portal. Particularly if that portal is managed by a market competitor or small start-up where there may be exploitable value from monitoring the activities of such traffic.

Being independent and external, but historically close to the industry, we rely on the professionalism and experience we have demonstrated previously and the close relationships we have forged over many years..and I guess that’s why so many websites are planning to use us. The UK is a leading country in respect of adopting such a law, but we are already aware of many countries likely to follow suit when things proceed successfully.

AVSecure has been designed to comfortably handle the sizeable traffic associated with a global audience. Visa and Mastercard process around 2,000 transactions per second. AVSecure can currently handle 4,000 per second, which can be increased if needed.

Building a company and solution like AVSecure takes deep pockets for the following reasons: we wanted to provide the adult industry with a product that, not only could they trust, but also did not impact them financially. We therefore decided to provide our services free to industry and to give consumers multiple ways to verify their age at no cost.

Our contracts are easy. There are no term tie-ins, fees, cancellation periods or volume demands. We want to you to choose us as your age verification partner simply because you love our product!

We hope that you will be as excited about our product and technology as we are. We have built it with global ambitions, considering both the industry and the consumer and have incorporated flexibility to allow us to also provide future pioneering innovations.

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