Benefits of Depth Collection

“Being successful in debt collection means having a 1001 answers to a 1000 excuses”

Debt collection is the process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses.

Debt collectors like National Inkasso are companies who collect unpaid debts for others. The original company with which you created the debt most likely sent the account to the collection agency after you missed several payments and it was unable to get you to pay. It’s more cost-effective for companies to hire National Inkasso than to continue to spend their own resources pursuing payment on delinquent accounts.

As debt collection specialists, National Inkasso has heard most of the excuses people make when they fail to pay a bill. We know how to respond to this and how to exert the right level of pressure to maximise revenue collection.

Appointing a debt collection agency can be an effective method of recovering payment from bad debtors.

Some of the benefits of using National Inkasso to secure payment from bad debtors:

  1. You can concentrate on your business
    Debt collection can be very time-consuming. By appointing a third party to manage these debts you can save valuable time and resources allowing you to focus on what’s important — growing your business. Your primary focus is running your business, but our primary focus is recovering YOUR debt.
  2. We know how to do it
    Debt collection isn’t just a function of a Debt Recovery agents business — it is our business. Tried and tested methods of debt collection increase your chances of recovering your bad debts in full.
  3. Sometimes one letter is enough
    Appointing a debt collection specialist like National Inkasso is sometimes all that is required to prompt your bad debtors to paying up!
  4. Decrease the amount of bad debt you need to write off
    Dramatically decrease the amount of bad debt you need to write off each year by partnering with a debt collection agency who can work with you in securing your debts much quicker!
  5. Send out a message
    Send out a clear message to other customers that late payment and bad debts will not be tolerated. Ultimately ensuring you’re top of the list of people to pay month in month out.


Our service doesn’t cost you anything!

The basic premise is that we will handle your debt collection matter based on No Win, No Fee.

The fee must be paid by the debtor. That is why we are highly motivated to convince debtors to pay the debt. If we are successful, you will receive 100% of your principal amount.

Why start as soon as possible?!

Companies are often not aware that if debtors are not chased in time the chance that the debts are collectable becomes smaller as time increases. In fact, research shows that for every year that the debtor does not pay the success rate of being able to collect the debt drops by 30%. Therefore, it is important to start the debt collection activities as soon as possible.

When to send your cases for debt collection

We are often asked when it is the best time to forward a case for collection. It’s simple; as soon as your gut feeling tells you to do so (you know your clients best) and preferably before the case hits an age of 180 days/6 months. This way you minimize the chances of not recovering the debt.

Successful debt collection

As an experienced debt collection specialist, with clients and debtors all over the world, National Inkasso can say that our debt collection methods work. We know how to recognize and handle excuses for not paying and which buttons to push to make debtors pay.

Knowing the effectiveness of our debt collection service, we challenge you to experience what Wecollect – powered by National Inkasso as a successful debt collection agency can do for your company.

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