Emotional and Emphatic Marketing Strategies That Connect Consumers to Brand

For as long as we all can remember, brands have been linked to some of the very emotional moments of our lives. For some, it all started when we discovered that dream Lego, Barbie or Fisher-Price set under the Christmas tree.

Never falling short, these magical brands always managed to permeate our imagination.

Why is that so, though?

And how can we – as marketers – fully benefit from this emphatic marketing effect?

You see, strong brands pretty much all fall between two categories

First, there’s the ones that have seemingly been around forever; almost never aging, sending a strong message of stability, reliability, and quiet force.

Harley Davidson, Jack Daniels and Budweiser, just to name a few, all match this description.

Then there are the ones that seemingly take the world by storm; these brands manage to innovate, keep a fresh, hip image and are almost always astonishingly dynamic. They match the trends of the moment — Apple first crosses our mind, but today, it is Tesla, Spotify, Instagram & Netflix that rocks our lives!

In our industry, it would be a safe assessment to say that most top brands fall within the second category… with the exception of brands like Playboy, for instance.

In all cases, great brands are appealing to consumers mostly because people do recognize themselves in these brands. They are what the customer is, or what the customer wants to be. What the customer proudly owns, or what the customer would be proud to own.

The key question is, how do we translate that into efficient marketing campaigns?

To start, let’s keep this in mind: successful emotional campaigns are NEVER about selling a product; they are ALWAYS about making the brand APPEALING.

First, identify your top brand attributes. Might seem basic, but you’d be amazed by the number of time brand builders in the adult industry do not have a clue what sets their brand apart from the competition.

  • Is your brand meant to attract the real connoisseurs?
  • Is your brand unique in some way?
  • Can your brand make the customers feel good about something?

Just make sure to quickly figure that out.

Next, pick the emotion you want to play with. Could be excitement (I know, that one was easy!). Could also be loneliness (You clearly saw that coming for Dating websites!), or even envy (ok, don’t lie, some of you probably did take a look at some of the male enhancement products!)

Then, don’t go easy on the promotional material: you want your brand to be appealing, so make it appealing! Photo or video stock are to be avoided! Be unique. Be exclusive.

Make sure whatever material you develop matches the image you want people to have of your brand. The more they like what they see, to more they want to have something to do with your band. If properly done, money will follow soon enough.

One last thing: be creative with the communication channels. Pick the right environment for your brand to shine. People are more likely to get emotional, thus receptive, if there is no disruption between your brand and what it is surrounded by.

Keep in mind: the one great house in a bad neighborhood is a tough sell even if there is no competition!

Olivier Bourque – VP of Business Development at CrakRevenue

Author Bio: I spent all of my 20-year career working in advertising, marketing, and sales; the one thing I always enjoyed was the opportunity to never fall victim to routine!

I have worked with clients in a wide range of sectors, from the car industry to the food industry, from the telecom industry to the insurance industry. Obviously, I am more than familiar with the software industry and everything that goes with e-commerce. I have always been recognized for being creative and efficient, results oriented, and strong at building long-term relationships.

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