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The European Summit provides an excellent opportunity to meet new contacts and followup on those leads you met at previous events. In the online world, having the ability to connect and network with leads on social media the same way you do at face to face events is a little trickier.

Have you tried using Facebook lead ads to drive new customers, affiliates or publishers to your business?

For those that have given the good old college try to capture leads on Facebook, the journey for most has gone like this: You get your Facebook leads on the cheap but they don’t convert. You throw your hands up in the air and scream “Facebook doesn’t work”!

Maybe it’s not them, it’s you! No one likes cold soup and the same applies to your Facebook leads. We’ll go into depth on how to nurture those Facebook leads coming through and actually convert them to sales.

Step 1: Have Advisors Ready

Many businesses don’t know how to hold onto their leads and turn them into sales. Though you’re running Facebook Lead Generation Campaigns, this doesn’t mean they’re all going to automatically turn into sales. Instead, they’re likely going to sit in Facebook Ads Manager for days, and once you follow-up with them, that lead has probably forgotten your ad and they’re no longer interested. Let’s face it – our ad retention time is very short. We’ve all experienced this with any platform, so it’s best to get back to a lead as soon as possible to make a lasting impression. By having advisors ready as soon as a lead comes through, those 25-50 potential leads will immediately feel connected to you and your business and retain all that important information you wanted to get across to them.

Step 2: Response Rates

Great! You have an advisor to get back to those leads! But are they responding in a timely manner?
You’re probably tired of having to manually go into Facebook Ads Manager and download the lead. This can take up valuable time, plus, if you don’t get back to a lead within 15-30 minutes, you’re slowly reducing your chances of converting them into a sale. Something we personally love to use is an app called Zapier which zaps leads from ads directly to your, or your advisor’s, email.

Step 3: Text Message Follow Up

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: communication is key! By either setting up automatic SMS responses or Facebook messenger follow-ups, you can let that lead know they’ll be receiving a call in five to ten minutes. Not only is this super effective, but it lets them know you’ll be easily accessible and trustworthy throughout your (potential) business relationship.

Step 4: Demographics

By gathering demographic-specific statistics and insights, you can ask the right questions to pre-qualify that lead. Their age, location, and occupation are key questions in determining who to target and where to target them.
Don’t ghost your leads anymore. Manually having to go into Facebook Ads Manager is time-consuming, so by having advisors ready to connect with that lead in a timely manner and follow-up with them, that lead will be able to retain valuable information and turn into a potential sale. And don’t forget demographics. Knowing who, when and where to target a specific audience is key in determining how many leads and potential sales will come through in the first place.
Use your lead calls as an opportunity to learn about the leads that are coming through. This information is crucial to your targeting and will provide insight to help you to further tweak your cold audience and messaging. For example, your ads may be drawing in a large percentage of leads that are females 50+ whereas the audience actually converting to a sale are males 35-44. This information will allow you to make those necessary revisions to enhance your lead quality.

At Merged Media, one of our success pillars is Facebook Advertising, schedule a call now and we can discuss a Facebook strategy for your business. Tune in to our weekly podcast where we interview business owners to discuss what’s worked and what hasn’t in regards to digital marketing.

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