How to set-up Google Shopping Ads properly for your ecommerce store

Google Shopping is the most effective because it characterizes with a high conversions ratio. It takes advantage of all the Google Ads strengths to accurately respond to users searches and to show them the product they currently need.

This is the fundamental difference between Google Shopping ads and for example Facebook Ads, where, the truth is, a product searches for a well-targeted customer.

In Google, on the other hand, it’s the customer that searches for a product.

Why Google Shopping is the best performing app?

The best performing ad, Google Shopping ads, gives a user an opportunity to compare products, already at the stage of searching for them. What’s more, it’s possible not only to compare product’s features but also its images, price, name. In some cases even product’s reviews.

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In fact, at the search stage, a user already makes the choice by clicking a certain product. He knows what to expect and he has chosen the product from available options.

As we can see in the example, products’ images are significantly different so a user is most probably strongly convinced by the chosen product.

I’ll just add that the view you can see is just a preview in search results. The offer of all retailers can be seen in the Shopping tab. So a user can easily move to the extended view. However, it’s common that he focuses on the default view available in the search results.

Is it worth to advertise products in Google Shopping? Let’s take a look at the statistics from Search Engine Land.

They clearly show where the advertisers’ budgets go. We can observe a strong increasing trend. Year to year growth, at the end of 2018, reached 42%, while expenses for text ads decreased (it was even negative, which is probably quite disturbing for Google).

It proves how efficient Google Shopping is.


However, the negative trend will not necessarily be continued in the future. It’s because of strong pressure from Google’s side to treat text ads as complementary to Google Shopping.

This means, our ads can be displayed in multiple Google Shopping results but also in text ads results. It greatly increases the probability of clicks on the ads due to visible domination in results.

Of course, it all depends on the budget optimization, but based on the research conducted by Google on 6 thousand Google accounts, combining those two ad formats increases ad’s effectiveness by 91% and customers number by 76%.

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Clearly, a strategy of combining Google Shopping with Google Ads makes sense, especially for big brands.


How to write title for products

A title which should be, as much as possible, adjusted to the keyword.

Of course, it follows a deep analysis or at least it should follow a deep analysis, which unfortunately is very often skipped by shop owners. They try to give titles intuitively.

Very often, they forget to optimize titles at a stage of creating a product feed for shopping campaign.

We can assume, in this case, that the effectiveness of such ad is significantly lower. The conversion ratio will certainly be lower than for the competition. It also means higher costs.

The title, next to image and price, is a crucial element that affects clicks ratio.

A title can be short of course but it should be characterized with three features – it should be concise, descriptive and should follow Google Ads protocol. For example, as you can see in the third title, it’s not allowed to use two exclamation marks in the title. Such ad, will sooner or later by disapproved by Google.

Disapproval ratio also affects negatively the feed perception by Google.

There is a tendency noticed in many cases, that certain industries are characterized by an optimal solution in giving titles. We can divide those industries into apparel, consumables, hand goods, electronics, seasonal and books.

In the example we can see, thanks to DataFeedWatch, how a title should be given for certain industries – by what structure – to increase its optimization and make it more effective in Google, increase its click ratio.


You can be different even you have similar product

It often happens that our products are the same or very similar to the products of our competitors.

In this case, perform some image tricks to differentiate our ad, like in the example of Nike Flex Run visible on the left.

In this example, we can also observe using additional elements, like sales or free shipping, which according to the research, significantly affect shopping tendencies and clicks ratio as well.

Sales funnel in Google Shopping

The advantage of Google Shopping is that it can address all parts of the sales funnel. According to Neil Patel, a funnel is the set of steps a visitor needs to go through before they can reach the conversion. In the case of sales, these are the steps leading to a purchase. The funnel consists of a few stages. First, customers need to find out about the brand, learn about its existence. Then, they get to know the company and familiarize themselves with its products. Finally, when they trust the retailer, they make a purchase and if everything goes well, they come back in the future.

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