The Latest Adult Websites Tendencies in 2019

2019 is full of potential for the adult industry business. In this post, we take a look at 2018s adult tendencies and try to figure out how to use to improve traffic this year.

After all, what do the users want more of this year? Read on to find out.

What do The Users Want in 2019?

As usual, by the end of the year, several websites release insights that summarize tendencies and the behaviour of their users. We looked through these reports to have an idea of how adult tendencies are evolving. This is what we think users will be looking for in adult websites throughout this year.

A Better Mobile UX

We’ve known for a while that the Mobile Era is coming. Besides Google’s Mobile First Update, it is clear that the users themselves are migrating from other devices to their smartphones. Adult websites should continue investing in Mobile Porn, as it continues to meteorically rise in terms of audience.

According to PornHub, in 2018 80% of their total visits came from smartphones and tablets. The smartphone share rose by 8% since 2017, while desktop usage dropped by 18%. In the USA, 91% of the users were browsing in their smartphone and in India, the number reached 95% during 2018.

It is therefore ever more important to bet on quality content and optimized websites for mobile. The 2019 users are expecting fast loading pages, easiness in interacting with the websites and content that is supported by their mobile data and accessible through voice search.

Virtual Reality Content

Virtual Reality has been an exploding trend in the past few years and the situation will keep on improving. As devices and software evolve rapidly, users are increasingly looking for more VR content. Adult content is not an exception: from games to live chat experiences, this is one of today’s gold mines in the adult market.

Augmented reality can be integrated into your SEO strategy to keep you ahead of your competitors and make the best out of your adult business. In fact, companies from other branches such as Amazon and IKEA are beginning to make use of AR, and it won’t be long before your direct competitors wake up to the seriousness of it and decide to migrate.

More Content Directed to Women

Every year we see a global increase of female users in the several adult industries online. Whether it is watching porn, purchasing sex toys or using escort services, women are progressively more comfortable with exploring their sexuality.

What does this mean for adult websites? Actually, it doesn’t mean that huge changes must be done. Women do search for different adult content than men, but the interests are quite balanced between these two genders.

According to PornHub’s 2018 Year in Review report, for instance, the three most searched terms among the feminine audience were “lesbian”, “japanese” and “hentai”. Men’s favourites in 2018 were “japanese”, “milf” and “hentai”. You can access a more complete list here.

Nevertheless, what we mean to say is that there may be more in common than we think between what women and men search on adult websites. It is undeniable that there is a precious spot on the market for content directed to the growing female public, and this opportunity should be seized by adult businesses.

What Else Can You Do to Improve Your Adult Website’s Performance?

As you probably know, Adult businesses online strongly depend on SEO strategy to get satisfactory results. How can you use SEO to go around the intricacies of the Adult Industry and make the most of your Website’s potential this year?

Use The Best Keywords for Adult

At the end of the day, no matter the trends, Adult Websites will always depend on these basic SEO principles. Conducting an effective Keyword Research and using the best keywords possible can make it or break it for your business. After all, content doesn’t appear on the first page of Google’s Search Results is as good as dead. Having the best keywords working in your favour is halfway towards making your website noticed.

But what are the Best Keywords after all? These are the ones that go straight to the point of what your clients are searching to find the products you offer. They are often not the most obvious keywords and they can usually be long-tails.

Analyzing the keywords your competition is using can be a good exercise to find out how they manage to rank high. If you have any reluctance in dealing with keyword searches, there are SEO Agencies that can help you get the most of your Adult Website’s potential.

Get in Touch With a Specialized SEO Agency

SEO strategies are indispensable for adult businesses – and yet they can be quite complicated to put together.

Link building for these websites is quite tricky. After all, who wants their website to link to an adult site? To complicate it a bit more, there are a lot of niches with high competition in adult businesses, which makes it difficult to rank high in the SERPs.

What can you do to work around this? The strategies we mentioned above are not easy to put to use without specialist help. To make this easier for business owners, there are SEO Agencies you can go to if you would like to boost your Adult Website’s performance!

UniK SEO is an SEO Agency based in Portugal and the UK and Adult SEO is one of their specializations. UniK’s team has proven experience in developing strategies that increase organic traffic and ranking results with a positive impact on the ROI for adult businesses.

In case you have any questions, please feel free to contact UniK SEO! We would be happy to help define your adult link building strategy or to optimize any other content on our website for your SEO campaign.

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