What’s next for affiliate marketing?

Leading innovation takes a lot of brainwork but it involves plenty of heart and gut, too. We, BitterStrawberry have the right mix and this made us the leading mobile advertising network for publishers and advertisers. But to move forward we have to keep up with technology changes, reinventing ourselves following the consumer’s demand and the market’s trends.

Having the right mindset, from the beginning we shaped our way between the leading networks in affiliate business, developing innovative ideas, using our experience to take the performance to the next level.

In the latest years, technology shift happened so quickly, so that what was considered an affiliate 15 years ago, it’s completely different from the affiliate model we have today.

It’s an industry that changes very fast, as new affiliate programs appear, the consumers journey expands and innovation takes over. It’s well known that more and more people have mobiles and internet access and as affiliates, we need to adapt, developing revolutionary tools that can track our targeted consumer and learn his online behaviors.

Considering the speed of new technology, it’s not very easy to say what’s next for affiliate marketing, but here are some main things we project:

Mobile – will still be an unstoppable force

We know for sure, mobile commerce is still on top so this should sharpen affiliates minds on monetization opportunities. It’s time to optimize your site and your ads for smartphone and tablets, to adapt your apps with a friendlier interface, a more secure checkout and make sure you all the time upgrade your mobile platform and never stop testing.

Insights from customer journey/big data

Optimizing your strategy means to use all the insight you can from the customer experience because big data is critical to the success of affiliate business. This data, based on the browsing behavior will help you track engagement transactions and gain better leads. The ability to upgrade your performance based on this high definition profiles from the users is the next big “disruptor”, and it will help you to create more targeted content, relevant for your consumer, placing them to the path of conversions.

It is very important to always be prepared for a dialogue with the users, to respond immediately to their demands, personalizing their message, investing in understanding your target. A top priority, we should say.

Variety is the key: Unique, untapped niches

In a market like the affiliate one it is always a good idea to be unique and not to do what everybody else is doing. Finding an untapped niche and fresh offers, will give you an advantage in beating the competition. A unique, identifiable, scalable niche, will represent a specific audience, easier to target that you can expand in the future to larger audience. For example, the luxury brands have had a strong growth lately and it doesn’t seem like they will slow down in the future.

High quality Content marketing

The importance of a high-quality content will grow more and more in the future, since it is so much valuable for engine ranking. It gives your consumer a reason to revisit the site because of its credibility and to click on your affiliate site, driving conversions.


More and more, mobile marketing seems to be the key element that changes everything. Staying focus on the latest trends and innovations, keeping up with the latest technology changes will help affiliate marketers succeed.

We just need to accommodate with the new affiliate models, to harness the data power and use these insights in optimizing our strategy.

The mobile element is an unstoppable force and if you want to catch the wave of the future, you have to adjust to it and understand the dynamics of this change.

In order to succeed, keep up with these trends, react to the new technology, find the right partners that have a good expertise and a great range of services adapted to these changes and adjust your offers to the consumer demand.

From all these points of view, BitterStrawberry is on the right track. We understood that we need to continue to adapt, survive and grow regardless of what others are doing.

So, if you want to find out more of our insights, the next/best chance to meet with the BitterStrawberry team is, during upcoming TES Affiliate Conference ( Conference from 14-17 September 2018 in Prague, where we will be exhibiting our new services and products.

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