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  1. The below offer is not applicable to employees, in-house media buyers, in-house affiliates, in-house publishers, and in-house advertisers of ad networks, affiliate networks, performance networks, affiliate programs, and the like.
  2. We receive a large volume of requests for sponsored affiliate passes from affiliates and have a limited number available.
  3. Please read the details below and then complete the general registration form if you would like to make a request for a sponsored affiliate pass.
  4. The last day to submit a request for sponsored affiliate passes is 5 working days before the event starts or whenever we sell out the event (whatever happens first).
  5. Please allow five business days for your request to be processed. Note that if you are granted a sponsored affiliate pass, it cannot be transferred.
  6. Each person must apply for their own sponsored affiliate pass and a maximum of 2 sponsored affiliate passes will be given per company.

And don’t try to be tricky – this is for affiliates only. If you register as a different attendee type, the registration will be canceled.
Also, anybody registering for a sponsored affiliate pass who neither checks in at the conference nor cancels will be ineligible for future sponsored affiliate passes. Only attendees entering the event with a corporate entrance pass may promote, advertise or represent an affiliate manager, affiliate network, traffic source, agency, advertiser or service provider during the event.
At any point during the event, if an attendee is found to have entered the event with a sponsored affiliate pass, but is promoting, advertising or representing an affiliate manager, affiliate network, traffic source, agency, advertiser, or service provider, including but not limited to by wearing branded clothing, we may:

  • Cancel the attendee´s sponsored entrance pass;
  • Remove the attendee from the event or deny their entry to the event; and/or
  • If the attendee requests re-entry, require such attendee to purchase a corporate entrance pass.

Who can apply for a sponsored affiliate pass?
Anyone whose PRIMARY FUNCTION in the Online Entertainment Industry is the one of being an "affiliate" ("webmaster"). This includes: Individual Affiliates, Individual Webmasters, Individual Bloggers, Individual SEOs, Review Sites and similar.

Who is excluded from receiving a sponsored affiliate pass and should buy a "corporate pass"?
Anyone whose PRIMARY FUNCTION in the Online Entertainment Industry is NOT the one of being an "affiliate" ("webmaster") of an Affiliate Program ("Cash Program"). This includes: Affiliate Programs ("Cash Programs"), Traffic Re-Seller ("Traffic Broker"), Web Hosting Companies, Payment Processors, Mobile Solutions Provider, Web Design Companies, Content Producer, Content Licensing/Distribution Companies, Software Provider/IT Services, Bad Dept Collection Agencies, Live Cam Studios, Model/Talent Agencies, Models/Performer, Novelty Product Producers/Retailer, Professional Services (Legal, Consulting, Translation, Domain Registrars, Marketing, Human Resources), Broadcast Companies, and other similar Professional Services Provider.

Who can receive a free press pass?
Anyone with a news/media outlet targeted to "affiliates" ("webmasters") and/or Online Entertainment Industry Professionals, such as Industry News/Media Companies, Industry Trade Organizations, Industry Resource Sites, Industry Webmaster Board Administrators, Industry Non-Profit Organizations. News outlets which target the end-consumer ("user") will NOT receive a free press pass. To request your free press pass, please contact andreas (at) tesaffiliateconferences (dot) com.
If you are not sure into which category you fall, please contact andreas (at) tesaffiliateconferences (dot) com, and we will make sure to get back to you within 2 working days.
Sponsored affiliate pass and free press pass registration ends 5 working days before each conference. NO sponsored affiliate passes or free press passes at the door.
To submit your application for a sponsored affiliate pass please click here. Please make sure to select "Affiliate - Individual" in the second drop down menu of the registration process, otherwise it will not work.

Kindest regards,
TES Affiliate Conferences

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