Sponsorship Comparison - TES Affiliate Conferences

Sponsorship comparison

TESPackage Name
Headlining Exhibitor Package

14.999 €
Diamond Exhibitor Package

9.999 €
Platinum Exhibitor Package

7.749 €
Gold Exhibitor Package

5.749 €
Meet Market Table + Ticket

1.348 €
Meet Market Table - Day 1
Expo Space - Day 2
Expo Space - Day 3
Exhibition Space in sqm1412862
Number of people seated86440
Number of arm chairs44240
Number of sofas21100
Number of coffee tables22110
Option to place TV211
Option to place Roll-up Banner
Promotional Triangles Placement Option22110
Promotional High Tables Option21000
Company Logo Back-Drop Banner on Window or Wall11100
Mini Table-Top Roll-Up Banner optional
Wifi Internet
Electricity Outlet
Entrance Passes138641
Banner on Sponsor & Exhibitor Webpages
Items on Merchandise Desk43211
Art Work & Production incl.
Additional Entrance Passes20% off20% off20% off20% off20% off
Hotel Rooms Included