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Where Affiliates, Media Buyers, Advertisers, Publishers & Content Creators meet

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Welcome to TES Affiliate Conferences, where the world's most brilliant minds in the affiliate marketing industry gather to share their insights and ideas! Our mission is simple: to bring together the brightest minds in the industry and provide a platform for them to connect, learn, and grow together.


Convince your Boss

Why visit TES?

Stay ahead of the curve! Learn essential skills! Choose your own schedule track! Networking opportunities! Ideal location!

What companies say?

TES Affiliate Conferences has evolved very quickly into one of the most important conferences of the affiliate marketing industry. Especially the excellent mix of providers and affiliates is extremely interesting!

What we know!

Plenty of structured and informal networking sessions mean tonnes of opportunities to forge new contacts and talk with like-minded people. 3 Days, 5 Star event, 80+ countries, 100% Business.

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Headlining Exhibitor Package

14.999 €
Diamond Exhibitor Package

9.999 €
Platinum Exhibitor Package

7.499 €
Gold Exhibitor Package

5.499 €
Meet Market Table + Ticket

1.348 €
Meet Market Table - Day 1
Expo Space - Day 2
Expo Space - Day 3
Exhibition Space in sqm1412862
Number of people seated86440
Number of arm chairs44240
Number of sofas21100
Number of coffee tables22110
Option to place TV211
Option to place Roll-up Banner
Promotional Triangles Placement Option22110
Promotional High Tables Option21000
Company Logo Back-Drop Banner on Window or Wall11100
Mini Table-Top Roll-Up Banner optional
Wifi Internet
Electricity Outlet
Entrance Passes138641
Banner on Sponsor & Exhibitor Webpages
Items on Merchandise Desk43211
Art Work & Production incl.
Additional Entrance Passes20% off20% off20% off20% off20% off
Hotel Rooms Included
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TES Affiliate Conferences

Where Affiliates, Media Buyers, Advertisers, Publishers & Content Creators meet

Anna Gita

“After attending all the top Affiliate conferences around the globe, I can easily say that TES was one of my favorites. The networking opportunities are fantastic and what is brilliant about TES: the entire event is built on the premise of helping YOU network more efficiently. Definitely a must attend!”

Anna GitaCEO Maxweb

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